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ESCAPING THE FULL NELSON You'll find the full nelson in Muay Thai, wrestling, MMA, and other combat sports. It's a common attack no doubt. It's a simple way to restrain someone and everyone knows how to do it, whether it's on the street or on the school playground. Because this is a really simple move to apply, even for non-fighters, there have been a few cases reported of injuries from incompetent application of the full
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5 TIPS THAT WILL CHANGE HOW YOU CLINCH Something that sets Muay Thai apart from most other types of striking is the clinch. Unfortunately, the clinch is also something many people struggle with because of: Poor technique Fear of getting swept Lack of clinch training Some/All of the above Clinching is one of those things that the better your technique, the stronger you are, because you know how to use your strength efficiently and exactly
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HOW TO CATCH A KICK & SWEEP Martial arts is about control. One of the best forms of control in striking is when you've caught a leg. When you've caught your opponent's leg, they cease to be a threat. Because you have their leg, their movement is inhibited. Because they're standing on one leg, their balance is compromised. Because their balance is compromised, they cannot generate power. How often do you see a fight where someone
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THE HOW-TO OF HELLBOWS: VOLUME I When fans think of this sport, they first imagine razor-sharp elbows cutting through the air and slashing skin from skulls. Whereas boxing is all about the hands, Muay Thai is defined by its elbows. A well-placed elbow is a close range, devastating strike that is woefully underused in the West. This is surprising as they are one of the most diverse weapons a fighter can have in their arsenal.
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MUAY THAI NEWS YOU CAN USE! Muay Thai Weekly — a collection of the latest and greatest headlines, hearsay and hair-raising hits from the Muay Thai world. Each week, you’ll find a fresh new Muay Thai Weekly video feature here at Muay Thai Guy, in which we outline exactly what went down in Muay Thai in the last seven days. Coming up right now on Muay Thai Weekly: Belts won and lost at Lion Fight 40 Yodsanklai Fairtex vs. Enriko
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