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Thailand Sanctions Fights For Prison Parole Prize Muay Thai is an ancient sport, and with anything ancient, there come legends that border on historical truth. There is a popular story about a man named Naikhanomtom, who was kept as a prisoner by Burmese soldiers after the prosperous coastal capital Ayutthaya was captured. The Burmese king told Naikhanomtom that if he could defeat his best soldiers, his freedom would be granted. Naikhanomtom defeated the ten best
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The Muay Thai Guys Podcast - Episode 72 Sometimes you just gotta hit record and just talk Muay Thai - and that's exactly what Paul and I did in the most recent podcast episode. With so much going on in the Muay Thai scene it's easy to find things to talk about, such as: [caption id="attachment_11050" align="alignright" width="206"] Ognjen Topic going for a sweep against Tum SItyodtong at MSG. Photo by @Walt_Zink_Photography[/caption] The 'Thailand Prison Fights'
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What Is A Sak Yant Tattoo? And How Do I Get One in Thailand? Sak yant are traditional Thai tattoos. Literally meaning “tattoo yantra”, they are believed to be magical and give the bearer protection, strength, good fortune, and more, depending on the yantra received. Sak yant is extremely popular in the Muay Thai community, namely in those that have visited Thailand. With geometric shapes and depictions of animals and gods, sak yant is as
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The hustle and bustle of Bangkok remain, but the once-colorful city has become a greyscale place where all are mourning the passing of their beloved king, His Majesty The King Bhumibol Adulyadej. At 88 years old, he was the longest reigning constitutional monarch in history. During much of his 70-year reign, he worked hard at improving the quality of life for thai people. He went where no other monarch of Thailand had ever gone, to the
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The Fearless One Who Fights Anyone, Anywhere The story of Yodteera Sityodtong starts out different than most. In the beginning, Yodteera had a comfortable life. His parents worked, he went to school, and when he came home, he'd play video games. He was never bossed around and lived a rather comfortable life. However, this all came crashing down when his parents's shops started closing down. Their financial situation dipped low enough that Yodteera had to be taken
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