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HOW TO CATCH A KICK & SWEEP Martial arts is about control. One of the best forms of control in striking is when you've caught a leg. When you've caught your opponent's leg, they cease to be a threat. Because you have their leg, their movement is inhibited. Because they're standing on one leg, their balance is compromised. Because their balance is compromised, they cannot generate power. How often do you see a fight where someone
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FROM QUITTER... TO ACTOR Of all the New Years Resolutions you have set, how many have you stuck to? I hope that you've stuck to at least to the most important ones. However, if you're like most, you may have strayed from them already. There is no need to bow your head in shame. All you have to do is to get back to it. Don't follow the downward spiral and let it get worse.
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WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH... Have you ever thought about giving up? Most of us have thought about giving up, whether it's giving up a dream or giving up in the middle of a workout. It's tempting. It's easy to give up, to put a stop to the struggle, the chase. It's easy to give in to temptation, to laziness, to weakness. But, of course, when you do give up, you regret it. Even if
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What Martial Arts has Taught Anastasia Lim I believe that martial arts is a brilliant vehicle for learning. Not only does it teach you how to deconstruct a skill and give you a growth mindset, you are also given several other traits that can be applied to every other aspect of your life. Focus and humility are the two traits we'll talk about today. Have you ever been in a bad mood, then you worked out,
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How To Throw A Body Shot Like A Boxing Champion It doesn't matter how tough you are, a body shot will shut your body down. Stephan Bonnar, a UFC Hall of Famer, is nicknamed "the American Psycho." He had never been finished in a fight (only doctor stoppages)...until he met Anderson Silva. One simple knee to the body shut the American Psycho down and stamped him in the fetal position where he could do nothing
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