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DEVELOPING WORK ETHIC IN MARTIAL ARTS As part of our continuing theme of connecting martial arts to ideas of self-improvement, today we explore two traits you will develop through training in martial arts: an uncompromising work ethic and positivity. At first thought, these seem to be contrary ideas -- fighting vs. positivity. To the untrained eye, perhaps fighting does seem the opposite of positive, as it inflicts damage and causes destruction. The truth is that
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THREE TOP COACHES WITHOUT TOP ACCOLADES [caption id="attachment_13140" align="alignright" width="360"] Credit: Esther Lin,[/caption] Coaches get slack from casual fans, who think these sideliners are either washed-up, untalented or some combination thereof. A world champion may have the experience but not necessarily the communication skills to pass on their knowledge clearly. Quite the opposite, a regular fighter who may never be a world champion yet has the talent to see gaps and convey them succinctly
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WHAT I WISH I KNEW BEFORE MY SMOKER The idea of stepping into the ring in whatever capacity is something so foreign to fresh newcomers to Muay Thai. It’s one that I never thought that would happen, and here I am just a few hours after my first smoker (or interclub, if you’re British) and I’ve learnt a few lessons, as it was a rather brutal affair. Stepping into the ring is something that shouldn’t
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 PREREQUISITES FOR PROFESSIONAL VIOLENCE For many fighters, the decision to make the big jump from amateur to pro is one that has been carefully planned. In concert with coaches, trainers, teammates, and certainly family and friends, a fighter must make the ultimate choice on their own. Often fighters will have a long amateur career before going pro. Some turn professional and some don’t. The fact is, there is a lot on the line; it's not
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3 WAYS MUAY THAI TRANSFORMS YOUR LIFE  A lot of people approach me and ask questions like, “What’s it like to do Muay Thai?” or “What can Muay Thai do for me?” I never know exactly how to answer. Some people are looking for a "get fit quick" program and whilst it is a great way to get fit, Muay Thai requires a lot of perseverance. Muay Thai just isn’t a sport for most people
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